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It’s your words that can brighten ladies' day!
Our ladies suffered enough during the full-scale invasion. Of course, it may seem that they are invincible. But this is specious. They are fragile and still need a shoulder to lean on. Spark the wave of love, and support ladies with the power of words. That'll give them the strength to move on with their lives. Inspire girls with hope today!

Female members are still in the warzone

Ladies were forced to leave everything and become emigrants

Women are looking for a chance to escape from the country
We gathered our female users' real stories.
And now we are sharing with you. Please, keep in mind that this is happening right now.

Katya, 26
— Like all residents of Ukraine, Katya woke up on February 24 from explosions outside the window. Katya was scared but could not leave because she had an old mother, and it would be difficult for her to travel far. Despite this, she and her mother are sure that soon it will be safe in their city again.

Olena, 28
— She is from Kharkiv and could get out of the occupation only 3 months after the start of a full-scale invasion. Now she tries to start over and get her life together. But she is still optimistic and believes that everything will be fine very soon, and she will return home.

Anna, 32
— She is sure that the horror movie she has been living through for 7 months will soon be over. Yes, it's difficult for her to find strength for everyday things. Sometimes it's hard to move on, but she is full of hope and tries her best not to give up.

Ilona, 24
— Everybody dreamed of a happy life before the horrible morning of February 24. So was Ilona, that honestly dreamed of having a puppy. Unfortunately, now she has no home but still believes that one day she will have her new forever home in her motherland and lots of puppies there.
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