You’ll have pleasure in her pleasure showing herself off for you, you, and nobody else but you. Let her glow in HD quality!
There is a subtle way to explore your lady, not conquer. Leave it to your lyrical imagination.
She gives in to temptation when you give it away, give it away, give it away now.
YesDates reframes your approach making things easy to enjoy the game.
Single ladies that are easily seduced — all there.
What've We Got?
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What Do the Girls Say?
Diana, 27
ID: 112642
When did we decide that because a woman is somewhat cute and everything, she's hard work? Competition is huge, plenty of very decent girls want to find Mr. Right and move out of the country, and the site is a way to go. Ew, giving in? Since when does saying ‘yes’ undermine female dignity?
Lyubov, 34
ID: 1259063
Initiating online dates is cool, but only if TWO show interest. You’re risking missing some awesome experience with a guy fearing your rejection more often than feeling your favor. So regular communication does matter, as it gives reassurance to him and some gentle direction for you.
Anna, 35
ID: 2039878
An “easy girl” has a range of connotations. Most guys would call it sleeping around, but it's not. However, it’s your gross underperformance if he feels too tasked with initiating a date. This task should equally be shared if you’re serious about a relationship.
Finding a Match on YesDates Never Feels Like Work
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Finding a Match on YesDates Never Feels Like Work
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