She will be happy with a hard-working guy — show her your job!
In Love With a Builder
The love of a beautiful woman is too precious to be a feature — and it never is. What makes dating premium is the honesty you see through one another’s eyes. Just as many cuties sincerely confirm their attraction to blue-collar men on YesDates.
The New Old Meaning
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Show her around — take her to the construction site or workshop — she’ll love what you do if you love it.

Slavic women worship men of action working with their hands and keeping a low profile, not feminized freaks with bursting egos.

They’re not looking for opportunities, but your hand — and YesDates looks like the best place.
What Leads You to Success
Look through the most valuable features to help you out:
Share your smile — she feels more comfortable with an easy guy, so begin with casual talk.
Send and receive Likes — your romantic gestures from the gorgeous ladies, who you could add to your Favorites.
All women’s profiles are carefully verified — no chance of getting into a mess.
Meet plenty of quality ladies who lack stereotypes about gentlemen with blue-collar careers.
Send a letter — create your story of tenderness and truth after you find room for love in your heart.
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Ever Thought About This?
Some interesting stats on the matter:
  • 87%
    Women don’t care about how their spouses make money if there’s mutual love.
  • 43%
    Ladies are particularly looking for men working with their hands (a matter of masculinity).
  • 24%
    Single ladies admit to feeling somewhat intimidated by executive guys.
Some of the most actual ladies’ feedback:
  • Kate, 22
    My dad’s a plumber, and he managed to make my mom the happiest person ever. He studied engineering but somehow ended up as just a plumber and never regretted it. Neither did we. He never felt comfortable with the office job and the company men he was surrounded by when he worked at the office. I once asked what exactly he was responsible for, and he looked at me and replied, “Calming troubled waters!”
  • Anastasia, 28
    I’m not prone to finances and all the “smarts” that complement men with college degrees. I met many, and they aren’t that smart, at least what I thought. Many are just arrogant. Now, the fact is that I love guys working with their hands. I used to stereotype men, but I know I shouldn't. A real man must work with his hands.

  • Dariya, 26
    My office job seems like a survival game to me. We have mostly women there, and everyone boosts rumors and crazy conspiracies about the other. Nobody’s sterile in their deeds, but I just can’t imagine my future hubby working there.
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